Our Success

Building on the base of relationships with legislators, their staff, administrators and constituents we will do everything possible to secure the best government with the least amount of interference for our clients.  

Below are several nutrition, commodities, and labor relations success stories.

"Regulatory Red Tape" political cartoon.

Nick honors Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-WA) with an achievement award on Capitol Hill, June 2016

Market Penetration
  • A major grain and cereals manufacturer estimates that for each dollar expanded with Pyle & Associates revenues in product sales increased nineteen fold.

  • Orchestrated national, state, and regional grassroots efforts through federal feeding programs to create unprecedented demand-pull increasing market distribution

Federal Programs
  • The inclusion of a client's food product in the national WIC eligibility approved list increased production from 50 cases a month to 7,000 cases a month.

  • Secured a product admission to the California state WIC approved list that resulted in a client's addition of a third production line and is currently operating 24-hours/day to respond to the increased product demand.

  • ​Arranged the federal purchase of two million cases of a commodity product to eliminate surplus.

State Affairs
  • On two separate occasions clients received million dollar grants from the commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Economic Development to expand production facilities.

  • Received exemption for 46oz 100% juices from California container tax.

  • Traveled to 47 different state capitols on various advocacy initiatives.

  • P & A intervention helped prevent state-specific food choice restrictions on SNAP in Florida and Arkansas

Federal Affairs
  • As the result of a tariff invoked as retaliation against a foreign government, our client was assessed $400,000 in import duties.  We secured a miscellaneous trade and tariff bill that led to the complete refund of the massive tariff incurred.

  • A U.S. Department of Transportation regulation limited the hours of service for a client's team drivers.  We established a pilot demonstration program with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that resulted in a revised protocol appropriately recognizing team drivers.

  • For an internationally recognized industry research institute we created an informal caucus of 151 members of Congress to discuss sodium nutrition issues resulting in a recent medical report debunking negative health implications of our client's product.

Pyle & Assoc. attends the annual KraftHeinz RISE Against Hunger meal-packaging event on Capitol Hill, May 2018