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Our Success

Market Penetration

Pyle & Associates has orchestrated national, state, and regional grassroots efforts through federal feeding programs to create unprecedented demand-pull increasing market distribution.

A major grain and cereals manufacturer estimates that for each dollar expended on Pyle & Associates, revenues in product sales increased nineteen fold.

 Federal Affairs

As the result of a retaliatory tariff, our client was assessed $400,000 in import duties. Pyle & Associates secured a miscellaneous trade and tariff bill that resulted in a complete refund.

A U.S. Department of Transportation regulation limited the hours of service for a client's team drivers. Pyle & Associates established a pilot demonstration program with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that resulted in a revised protocol appropriately recognizing team drivers.

For an internationally recognized industry research institute, Pyle & Associates created an informal caucus of 151 members of Congress to discuss sodium nutrition issues. This resulted in a medical report that debunked the negative health implications of our client's product.

Federal  Programs

Including our client's food product in the national WIC approved list increased production from 50 cases a month to 7,000 cases a month.

Pyle & Associates secured a product admission to the California state WIC approved list that resulted in a client's addition of a third production line and is currently operating 24-hours/day to respond to the increased product demand.

​We also arranged the federal purchase of two million cases of a commodity product to eliminate surplus.

State Affairs

Pyle & Associates has traveled to 47 different state capitols on various advocacy initiatives.

On two separate occasions, Pyle & Associates clients received million dollar grants from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Economic Development to expand production facilities.

For another client, Pyle & Associates secured an exemption for 46oz 100% juices from California container tax.

Pyle & Associates' intervention has also helped prevent state-specific food choice restrictions on SNAP in Florida and Arkansas.

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